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Handcrafted Eyeglasses


 A bespoke pair of spectacles is a pair which is totally unique; discussed, imagined, designed, crafted, polished, and adjusted, all strictly by hand for a single client according to his or her  lifestyle and wishes. Each bespoke pair of spectacles by L.A. Mills is one of a kind and an artisanal statement which has been created between the artisan and his client, which can never be reproduced in the exact same way. This approach of spectacle making is a unique skill and craft that few possess and execute.


 Keeping to the standards and traditions of spectacle making, L.A. Mills attends to every step of the design and making process by hand; the initial fitting and measurements, designing, crafting, polishing, finishing, cutting lens, and finally presentation. 


Handmade Eyeglasses
Handcrafted Bespoke Shagreen Eyewear

 The initial consultation with L.A. Mills is experience altogether, as you orchestrate your own design and details, with plenty of time just for you in an un-rushed environment. After your spectacles are crafted there will be a scheduled fitting and adjustments consultation, this is a special session during which the artisan refines your pair to reach aesthetic perfection.

 Eyewear is more than just a pair of spectacles, but also a way to express a unique persona and enhance the appearance of each client through the understanding of his or her personality, style, and face. 

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