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Buffalo Horn

 Composed out of keratin, buffalo horn has a glowing granular texture and malleability 

unlike any other natural material; it is especially sensual and anti-allergic. Buffalo horn being textured develops a unique patina that reveals the most subtle shades over the time, and traps oils to slowly shape the spectacles to conform to its wearer. Much like hair and skin, buffalo horn color is responsible due to melanin; creating a large variety of beautiful natural colors. 

Buffalo Horn is ethically sourced and often a discarded byproduct of the food industry, so out of respects to the buffalo nothing should be wasted. Being a natural Keratin product there are no added chemicals to Buffalo Horn, making this material eco-friendly and environmentally safe. The only outside influences needed to work with Buffalo Horn is heat and natural oils.

With it's use dating back to the 1200s, Buffalo Horn is one of the oldest materials used in eyewear history, making it not only an environmentally safe option but also a unique link to our history and tradition.



Each frame is perfectly complemented with a handcrafted calfskin red leather case. The interior of each case is lined with your choice of color, in calfskin. Other materials are available upon request. 

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