Buffalo Horn

 Composed out of keratin, buffalo horn has a glowing granular texture and malleability 

unlike any other natural material; it is especially sensual and anti-allergic. Buffalo horn being textured it develops a unique patina that reveals the most subtle shades over the time, and traps oils to slowly shape the spectacles to conform to its wearer. Much like hair and skin, buffalo horn color is responsible due to melanin; creating a large variety of beautiful natural colors. 

Cellulose Acetate

 This organic resin is mainly composed of wood and cotton, and is chosen for its enormous range of colors and shades. Acetate has been a popular material for spectacle makers and designers for the freedom of size and thickness the raw material offers, in addition to the color varieties.  



Each frame is perfectly complemented with a handcrafted calfskin red leather case. Other color and leather options are available upon request.