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 L.A. Mills believes there are three aspects to every culture around the world that knows no language barrier; Food, Art, and Music. Each frame is painstakingly handcrafted by the artisan himself, checking off the "Art" category. To check off the "Music" box each frame is named after a song title. Bespoke frames are dedicated to the clients favorite song, while for the Ready To Wear Collection, a poll on social media is executed to find the new name of that specific frame. With followers, and poll submission, on every continent, one might be surprised by the music tastes and similarities cultures share.


 Inspired by the 1964 hit song Downtown, by Petula Clark, this pair of handcrafted spectacle frames are beautifully bold and expressive. 


Material: 10mm Thick Black Horn with Red Python Overlay


Size: A-49mm DBL-22mm Temples-140mm


Case: Handcrafted red leather slip case


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